Delinquency Can be Caused by Lack of Education

Education plays many important roles in the society. One such critical role it plays is helping prevent juvenile delinquency. The prevention of juvenile crime, in turn, is a process that’s essential to control and prevent crime in the society overall.

NCRB Reports

Based on the data recorded by NCRB (National Crimes Record Bureau), 7,870 juveniles were apprehended in 2015. Out of these, 902 made up the illiterate section, 3,088 had an educational background up to only a primary level, and 3,261 have been educated till higher secondary school. This leaves only 619 out of 7,870 juvenile delinquents who had continued an education beyond higher secondary.

Experts Speak

Dr. Srikanth Reddy, a psychiatrist, said that most of the children who suffer from conduct disorder are from the weaker sections of the society. Here, the people are either less educated or fully uneducated. The economically weaker sections showcase crime as an everyday activity to the children who live in this condition. Stressing on the importance of education, he said that the lack of it can also lead to drug addiction and similar problems among youths; and it’s for these reasons that they commit crimes. He added that these children can develop attitudes that are not criminal-oriented by engaging in lawful activities that are socially useful and by adopting towards society a humanistic orientation.

Psychologist Dr. Kamna Lad stated that stringent efforts from the society are the necessity of the hour in order to prevent delinquency.


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