No Speed-bumps: Smooth Transfer Of Vehicle Ownership

“You’ll have to go to the RTO”.

A phrase that has the power to conjure dread even in the bravest of souls. And no, we’re not exaggerating.

The Regional Transport Office, a bureau that handles vehicle registration and issues driving license across the country, does much more than just that. Losing your all-important vehicle registration documents, pretending like you don’t exist, and absolute lack of cooperation are just some of the things the RTO department has earned fame for.


One may contest that every government agency has bad days, or that the RTO has too much data to process (India and population control aren’t exactly best friends). Well, the RTO is a government organisation and hence compromise on quality due to sheer volume is of course understandable. 

But, if you do have some vehicle ownership transfer work, here’s how a regular visit to the RTO might generally go.

Document Diaries

From your 10th standard mark sheet to that one time your friend (who you’re buying the car from) got a speeding challan, you need everything to be in place.


Your typical, overworked RTO officer will scrape the bottom of the excuse barrel to make sure you pay him another visit. You obviously don’t want that, so lay it all out in one go.

Patience Is A Virtue
From endless queues with sweaty, miserable fellow applicants to the foreboding vibes of a government office, anything you set your sight on will try its best to pull down your mood.



Sip on a piping hot cup of patience before you visit the RTO. Or better yet, meditate for 2 hours (or 24) – get all your pent up anger sorted out and then head to the office. Trust us, you’ll need all your patience and more, while dealing with overworked bureaucrats.

No Shady Business
The RTO premise has enough shady dealings going on. You don’t need to add to it. Make sure that the used car you’re buying hasn’t been illegally acquired and doesn’t belong to a party who has no clue about the sale.

Picture this. You reach the RTO, and after 4 hours of waiting in line, you finally submit your documents. Lo and behold, the car you’re buying from someone isn’t his to sell!


It won’t take long for the irritable RTO employee you’re dealing with to scrap the entire sale process right away. So make sure all ownership deeds are completely sorted before you step into this war zone called, RTO.

You can choose to go through all of the above, or simply make use of Quikr’s RTO services and sail through all pesky RTO work without breaking a sweat. In fact, we assure you that all you need to do is just call us to schedule an appointment. We offer several different RTO services – transfer of ownership (same RTO), transfer of ownership (different RTO), clearance certification as well as hypothecation services. 

Our representative will collect the necessary documents from the seller. Completed paperwork will then be delivered to the buyer’s doorstep. Effective & hassle-free!

The choice is pretty clear to us, what about you?

RTO Services
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RTO Services
Make use of Quikr’s RTO services and sail through all pesky RTO work without breaking a sweat. In fact, we assure you that all you need to do is just call us to schedule an appointment and we will take it from there.

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