Sports Education Takes a New Turn as EduSport Launches ‘MILES’

EduSports, a sports education organisation, recently initiated and launched MILES – a program that introduces sports education to adolescents and youth students in middle schools, high schools and colleges.

It was decided that the students themselves will lead this multi-sport development program. A curriculum is designed to aid them develop leadership skills and socio-economic qualities. Under this organisation, the physical fitness of the participating students will be improved as sports is the medium.


The learning methodology for leadership is incorporated in MILES and this is focussed upon. The methodology is reinforced on a framework established by Leading2Play. Leading2Play was formed by Dr George Selleck, an American psychologist who is one of the company’s advisors.

The children will be taking care of designing, leading and engaging fellow students in games, sports and fitness activities. Apart from this framework, MILES has introduced sports like football, basketball, cricket, Frisbee, kabbadi, volleyball, touch rugby, throwball, etc. to the students.

Currently, over 650 schools have signed up with EduSports – with more than five lakh students. A new release stated that the organisation’s goal is to involve more than 10,000 children in MILES in the next 12 to 18 months by partnering with about 50 educational institutions.

The co-founder and business head of EduSports, Parminder Gill, stated that, through MILES, EduSports intends to initiate sports at a lifestyle level and thus assist children to getting ready for the future. This happens as their fitness levels and socio-emotional efficiencies are developed.

Schools to Which MILES has Been Introduced

Students studying in Universal Business School in Maharashtra, Azim Premji University in Bangalore and several K-12 institution in Tamil Nadu are currently using this program. The release stated that the project now has 500 students participating in it.


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