Modi at India-UK Tech Summit: Education and Research Should be Priority

The India-UK Tech Summit was inaugurated in New Delhi on Monday by the Prime Ministers of India and British, Narendra Modi and Theresa May. Both countries made speeches and together signed agreements about technical education and research.

One of the significant references from PM Modi’s speech was that he said “education is vital for our students”. He continued to say that better mobility and participation should be encouraged in the youth when it comes to education and research opportunities. This was after Prime Minister May confirmed that the visa norms for students will remain unchanged.

Several agreements were signed by the two heads of states. These included solar energy’s Clean Energy R&D Centre and an initiative for Anti-Microbial Resistance.

Excerpts from Speeches

PM Theresa May stated that India is her first visit outside the European Union. When it comes to India-Britain relationship, she finds considerable potential and says that a special bond is shared by the two countries. Barriers can be broken in favour of trade and investment. She maintained that India now enjoys one of the top UK visa services out of all the countries. Investment in India is aiding in diversifying Britain’s economy while Britain is working on social and economic reforms.

In his turn, PM Modi said that PM Theresa May joining the summit is a privilege. He talked to May about the amiable bond that the two countries share. Last year, the Tech Summit was envisioned during his UK visit to strengthen the alliance between India and the UK.

PM Modi stated that resilient growth has been experienced in the UK lately, and that it outshines in academic quests and technological innovations. He listed that the segments supporting new probability for India-UK businesses to bring innovation are inexpensive healthcare, clean energy, and technology. They have decided to establish a Clean Energy R&D Centre on solar energy and a new Anti-Microbial Resistance initiative. He believes that to fight global challenges, the two countries must proceed with encouraging research.

He concluded by saying that Make-In-India is expected to be a significant aspect of the bilateral agreement between India and the UK. He believes that the Tech Summit will take the two countries together on a scientific and technological journey.


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