Increase in Number of Students Migrating to the USA for Educations

Over the last few years, many Indian students prefer pursuing their higher studies in foreign countries. They migrate to these countries because it’s considered that the quality of education and lifestyle there is better than the one in India. As per reports issued by the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, there has been an increase of 28 percent in the last year in the number of students leaving the country. This percentage adds up to around 2 lakh students. The opportunities available abroad are larger in number when compared to the ones available in India.

What and How

DeVry Education Group is a popular education group in the United States which is currently promoting the medical universities associated with them to Indian students. In the current scenario, the US colleges are working towards providing diversity among its students and giving ample opportunities for international students to get a taste of education in the US. This plan is a two-way street as Indian students know that possessing an American degree can improve their job prospects significantly. Hence, they also apply to universities abroad for better education opportunities. Most of the students travel to Australia, the UK and the USA.


United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) is an exam which students need to take to pursue their medical practice in the USA. In order to write the USMLE, the aspirant needs to pursue his or her years 1 and 2 at AUC (American University of Caribbean School of Medicine). The next step is to complete years 3 and 4 in the USA or the UK and then write the USMLE. Once the aspirant completes all these procedures, he or she will be authorised to enter the US Residency Match.

Benefit of American Degree

After the student has obtained a degree from AUC, he or she needs to comply with all the guidelines dictated by the Indian authorities. The process includes applying for registration, eligibility, temporary registration, and IMR certificate among others. Once the candidate follows these guidelines, the MCI will take the final call in the decision whether the candidate should be granted the license or not.

Success rate

An organisation is set up to match the various medical students to the residency programs that are best suitable for them. Residency programs are training modules that help a student serve as a medical practitioner, but they have to train under an experienced professional first. In 2016, 21 medical graduates successfully matched with a residency program. This is from the class of 2015 in which 41 students were eligible.

Students who were not eligible for the residency program this year enrolled for a 1-year MBA program at Keller Graduate School. Other students continued to practice in clinical programs in order to strengthen the applications for residency next year. Students do this so as to delay the repayment of the loan as they do not have to repay the loan if they’re in an education scenario.


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