Procedure for Foreign Faculty to Teach in the Country to be Simpler

It is always interesting to learn from the faculty of another country. There is a change in culture and teaching methodology. We are used to the ways things are done in our country, and a periodic change will lead to our overall development, and we can also learn more about another culture just by sitting in our classrooms. At present, there are many hurdles and procedures a prospective faculty member has to undergo in order to teach at IITs and IIMs. Due to these lengthy procedures, many instructors do not prefer to come to India to coach the students.

Chances Could Better for Teachers from Abroad

In an attempt to improve the quality of education provided in the country, the HRD ministry is trying to relax the norms through which foreign faculty can easily teach at the premier institutes in our country. Currently, teachers with an annual salary of $25,000 are allowed to teach here. The ministry is trying to reduce this to $15,000 so that more instructors can apply to teach at IITs and IIMs. They are requesting the cabinet to take a vote on this and issue work visas to teachers with an annual salary of $15,000.

The home ministry has given a green signal and has also agreed to help with this issue so that it is resolved at the earliest. The home ministry and foreign ministry had previously suggested that the clearance of work visas should take six months after a thorough verification. The HRD ministry want to trim this duration to 2 months or less. They believe that this opportunity could help them bring the best teachers from other countries.

Another proposal by the HRD ministry is that the clearance procedure should happen when an instructor is applying for a job and not when they’re applying for a visa. This modification in the rule will significantly reduce the clearance time from 24 weeks to 8 weeks.


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