Hot Wheels 2016: 3 Most Stylish Low-Budget Cars This Year

The monsoons are here, (finally) giving us some relief from the sultry summers, which peaked unbearably this year.

The cool breeze and light drizzles sure are soothing, but can you actually enjoy the rain when stuck in a traffic jam on your bike? With urban water bodies overflowing – think Bangalore and Gurgaon – and roads getting blocked, the situation only gets worse.

Have you considered upgrading to a car to beat your monsoon woes, though?


Buying a car has several benefits. For one thing, cars are a status symbol in our nation and you know it. It’s not just that, though – owning one, you can plan impulsive trips with friends without having to worry about transit. You can take your family out in style with your new car. You can carpool to work, and save the environment. The list goes on…

A car is an expensive investment, no doubt. With the right approach and choices, though, you can get a comfy car without having to burn a hole in your pocket.

Let’s take a quick look at a couple of swanky cars set to hit the Indian automotive market this year, which will fit right into your budget.

Volkswagen Up
Price range: Rs. 3.5-4.5 lakhs

Volkswagen stole many hearts with the release of the Polo. With several versions tailored to fit each customer’s needs, this hatchback has become one of the favorites of the country.

The German manufacturer’s newest release is the ‘Up,’ whose compact design has stirred the interests of several small car buyers already. The low cost car will be released in two variants – the 3-door Up and the 5-door Cross Up. The 3-door Up (pictured here) is a compact version of the bigger hatchback.

The Up has a 35-litre fuel tank, making for decent range. It’s powered by a 75 HP engine, claiming a top speed of 167 kmph. The five-seater will be exclusively available as a petrol model.

Maruti Ignis
Price range: Rs. 5-7 lakhs

Maruti has always been a trusted choice on Indian roads. With the grand success of recent launches like the Ertiga and the Brezza, customers are eagerly looking forward to driving the Ignis.

The mini-SUV has an engine similar to that of the Swift, featuring a maximum power of 84.3 PS @ 6000 rpm. It is rumored to offer a mileage of 28 kmpl. Available in both petrol and diesel variants, the five-seater is likely to have the standard All Wheel Drive system. The compact SUV sports a minimalistic body and a rounded roof, and daytime running LED lights. Quite fancy for the money.

Mitsubishi Mirage
Price range: Rs. 4.5-6 lakhs

While Mitsubishi is renowned for its luxury cars like the Pajero Sport and the high-octane Evo series, the brand could not ignore the demand for small cars in the Indian market. The Mirage features a sharp front end and minimalist design cues on the sides.

The five-seater offers a comparatively low mileage of 15 kmpl, but is decked out like a true-blue mini luxury car. The 74 HP engine is expected to propel the Mirage to a top speed of 165 kmph.


The Indian market welcomes a couple of great new cars this year, all of which offer style, speed, and comfort – at the convenience of a moderate price.


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