Let’s Spill The Beans – How To Choose The Right Microwave For Your Needs

Food is something that needs to be taken seriously. And what better way to show your food some extra TLC than with a fancy new microwave?

There’s no question; you need one. However, you’ll need to know the types of microwave ovens in the market before you choose which one to buy.

1. Solo Microwave Ovens
Solo microwave ovens perform, well, a solo function – warming your food. They’re the most basic kind of microwaves. These devices have one magnetron, that produces microwaves. Because of this, they’re typically cheaper than other microwave models.


Think of these as entry-level models in the world of microwaves. Although they provide uniform heat for defrosting, reheating, or cooking food, you cannot grill or bake anything in solo microwaves. Roasting is out of the question too.

Prices for solo microwave ovens range from INR 4,000 to 8,000. If you’re looking for something simple that’ll do your basic cooking and reheating – go in for a solo microwave. They’re perfect for bachelors, or two-member families.

2. Grill Microwave Ovens
The nomenclature for different types of microwaves is pretty straightforward. A grill microwave oven is basically a solo microwave oven that grills.

These models are equipped with heating coils – when you use the grill function, they induce a grilling or roasting process. During this time, the microwave is generally in the off mode. However, you can simultaneously use the grill and microwave functions, should you choose to.


You can use the grill-and-microwave function to cook things like chicken, fish, and cottage cheese (paneer). Grill microwave ovens come with additional grilling accessories to make your summer barbecues easy as pie.

3. Convection Microwave Ovens
We started with just the oven. Then we added in a coil for grilling. What’s next?

A heater, as it turns out.

In convection microwave ovens, a combination of the microwave function, grilling coils, and heaters with a blower combine to bake food in one multi-purpose device. The heaters are connected to a thermostat that controls the cavity temperature – which ranges from 95°C to 230°C.

A convection microwave allows the food to cook for longer, leaving it crisper. It does this by using a fan and a heating element to uniformly circulate hot air inside the microwave. As a result, the food takes more time to cook and comes out a lot ‘browner’ than in a solo microwave. That’s what makes it ideal for cake, biscuits, naan, and a host of tandoori dishes.

A microwave is not just another heating device – it’s an essential part of today’s kitchen. Invest in the right microwave for your kitchen, and you’ll experience a huge difference in the quality of your cooking.


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