Govt. Schools See Improvement Owing to SMC Sabha

The first ‘SMC Sabha’ was organised by the Delhi Govt. this week for government schools’ School Management Committees (SMCs). The Govt. has made it a priority to strengthen and empower Delhi’s SMCs for over a year now. The SMC Sabha was closer to making the government responsible to the parents of government school students.

The discussion was held in the Rajkiya Pratibha Vikas Vidyalaya (RPVV) at Civil Lines. SMC associates from fifteen Burari schools had gathered to share their issues with the govt. officials. The SMC Sabha wants to provide the parent SMC members with a platform to voice their matters to the respective officials regarding the schools. This would guarantee speedy and efficient resolution.

Deputy CM, Delhi, Supports

Manish Sisodia, the Deputy CM of Delhi, attended the event and showed his encouragement to parents, urging them to voice their issues. He said that the government is eager to involve the community and the parents in the school administration. The shape of govt. schools has been improving lately due the actions taking by SMCs. This was the first time that parents and the government met to discuss and work on issues.

To complete the required work on time, Mr Sisodia pushed for stringent deadlines and discouraged officials from being negligent. He stated that he would follow up on the obligations of officials and personally make sure that tasks were accomplished on time. When one of the parents criticised the mid-day meals’ grain quality, the minister immediately took action by contacting the contractor; the contractor was given a week’s time to improve the quality of the food. If he fails to accomplish this within the deadline, he stands the chance of being penalised and replaced.

Lax Officials Get Dealt with by the Minister

The construction of classrooms has been delayed in Burari’s Mukundpur School, complained a group of parents. Taking this into account immediately, Mr Sisodia inquired with the PWD and Education Dept. about it. He learnt that the required files hadn’t passed through the two departments; he solicited that they have a meeting and complete the necessary work on Monday.

To respond to queries and settle department-related problems that the parent SMC members face, Shailendra Sharma (district magistrate of North-East District), Burari MLA Sanjeev Jha (advisor to Director of Education), PWD officials, Deputy Directors of Education, Delhi Jal Board, the Delhi Police, and the MCD were present besides the Deputy CM.

The government aims to organise many SMC Sabhas in every Assembly Constituency of Delhi in the future. Education has always been given importance by the Delhi Govt., which has resulted in various interventions such as this to better the govt. schools.


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