Recognise Third Gender for UPSC Exams: Delhi HC

In a landmark case that is a positive step towards providing equal rights to all genders, the Delhi High Court ordered the central government to take steps to modify the rules of the reputed Civil Services Examination so as to accommodate the third gender.

What and How

UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) examination is the most reputed civil services examination in the country. Lakhs of students take this exam every year even though only a few thousand vacancies are available.

The High Court gave its verdict after a PIL was filed by lawyer Jamshed Ansari who challenged a notice released by the UPSC examination authorities. The notice stated that candidates belonging to the third gender would not be allowed to take the examination as the option was not available in the registration form of the UPSC examination 2015. The PIL was filed on 23rd May 2015. Due to this trivial reason, transgenders were unable to appear for the examinations held on 23rd August 2015.

The judges passed the judgment in this case by referring to the landmark verdict which was passed by the Supreme Court on 15th April 2014. The said verdict granted legal recognition to transgenders as the third gender category.

Other Decisions Made

Before the judgment was made in this case, the ASG (Additional Solicitor General) clarified that the Apex Court had disposed of a notice that sought clarification on the judgment made in April 2014. The Apex Court made it clear that the decision regarding the third gender was related only to transgenders and did not include gay, bisexual, lesbian citizens.

In the statement, the bench said that the PIL was registered last year so that the candidates could appear for UPSC 2015. Since that date has already passed, the concerned authorities should take necessary steps at the earliest to include the third gender in the registration forms so that the candidates can appear for UPSC 2016.


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