Resolve students’ grievances: PM Modi to officials

PM Narendra Modi instructed officials to adopt a systematic approach in dealing with grievances expressed by students so that it can be resolved at the earliest.

What and How

PRAGATI – the ICT-based platform was created for Pro-Active Governance and Timely Implementation and the Prime Minister Narendra Modi participated in the meeting on Wednesday to review the progress made by different areas of the government. One of the major agendas of the meeting was to track and improve the facilities and quality of education in the country.

The PM told officials to make use of all the technological tools available to make things easier for school children. He reiterated his previous suggestion to ministers to make maximum use of technology to ensure that facilities like allocation of examination centers are readily available for students.

The concerned officials were also instructed to encourage the enrolment of children in the age group of 5-18 for the Aadhaar card as this would be an apt medium to award scholarships to deserving candidates. It was noted that special attention was given to North-Eastern states for the enrolment of Aadhaar card as they had a lack of facilities for the same.

While reviewing the activities of the Sugamya Bharat Abhiyan, Mr.Modi appreciated the efforts of the states for giving more importance to the infrastructure of school buildings and railway stations.

Keeping in mind all the progress achieved till now and the plans for the future, PM Modi believes that the people have faith in the government and trust that the government will be able to address the grievances and improve the quality of education.


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