Photo Op(portunity) – 8 Effective Tips To Maintain Your Brand New DSLR

So, you’ve invested in a brand new DSLR camera. You’re super-excited about photographing every moment with it! More often than not, the excitement of experimenting with your new camera makes you pay lesser attention to its care and maintenance.

Take time to maintain your brand new gadget and it’ll let you take brilliant photographs for the longest time. Here are some tips to help you take care of your precious DSLR –

Keeping Dust At Bay

maintainence of DSLR camera

1. Dust Riddance
Dust is inevitable, even when the camera is used in the cleanest of environments. Starting with the lens, dust can even penetrate the insides of your camera. Get rid of the fine particles on the outside with a lens pen or a fine brush, or wipe gently with a microfiber cloth after usage and before storing. The lens unit can be removed to get rid of the dust inside the main camera body, following the guide carefully. If you find there’s a lot of dust inside the lens, contact the manufacturer or the concerned service center – don’t ever risk disassembling the unit yourself.

Tip: Keep in mind, that some of the wet solutions you may use to get rid of the dust may damage the protective coating due to their chemical ingredients. Remember to use the solution sparingly.

2. Changing Lenses
If you are using a camera with interchangeable lenses, always turn the camera off before switching lenses – it keeps away static charges that draw the dreaded dust particles. Point the camera downwards while changing lenses.

3. Marks On The Lens
Regularly check your viewfinder and watch out for splotches on your shots – it may be an indication that your camera needs to be cleaned. If you are unsure of how to do so yourself, we’d recommend that you approach a reliable professional or a service center.

Travelling And Storage

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4. Storage
Always place your camera in a protective, well-cushioned bag. While stowing it away, use the lens hoods and camera body caps to protect the camera. This protection will help in case of accidental falls.

5. Humid Weather
Humidity and frequent temperature fluctuations can damage your camera’s delicate components. Keep the camera out of the bag for about 30 minutes before using it in humid weather.

Again, we insist that you pack your camera in the bag it came with – these bags are made with materials that help absorb any effects of condensation. Throw in a couple of desiccant packets for good measure.

Simple Tricks To Follow

Digital Camera Care

6. Batteries
Discharge camera batteries every once in a while. Not doing so could result in them discharging faster over time than you would expect.

Remember, they are the all-essential fuel that your camera needs to function. Also, never leave batteries inside the camera when not in use.

7. Memory Cards
To avoid chances of corrupting your camera’s storage, remove memory cards only after turning the DSLR camera off.

8. Use It Well
Hold the camera with a firm grip and use its strap, always. It not only minimizes shaky images but also protect against any slippage.

Even the best DSLR camera can bite the dust when not cared for routinely. Now that you are loaded with your essential camera-care tips, be sure to implement them, for they will hold you in good stead and you can rest assured of remarkable photographs each time you go trigger-happy.


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