Hit The Right Note – Top 6 In-Car Stereo Systems To Invest In

You’re cruising in your car with the windows down. The road ahead and the wind in your hair as your engine purrs its sweet music. Regardless of whether you’ve got company or not, accompanying your car’s satisfying hum with music of your own elevates the whole experience.

To listen to your favorite song in quality that truly does it, and your drive, justice, you’re going to want to invest in the best stereo speaker for your car.

1. Kenwood
Kenwood has established itself as a popular car stereo brand in India, largely due to its affordable price point. If the name ‘Kenwood’ doesn’t sound familiar to you, you may know it as ‘Kasuga Radio’, which is what it was named initially when established in 1946. Or you might know the brand as ‘Trio Electronics’, which was their name in 1960. Only in 1986 did the brand finally dub itself ‘Kenwood Corporation’.

Although the company’s music systems are best suited to a car like the Endeavour, they’ll fit into almost any car. The systems can even support phone calls, satellite navigation, and DVD multi-zone playback.

2. JBL
It goes without saying that JBL is a high-quality brand. JBL’s car audio range is vast and includes everything from components, amplifiers, and speakers.

When it comes to audio systems, it’s most known for its D101 model, which boasts a fifteen-inch speaker.

3. Sony
Sony began launching car audio products in the mid ‘80s, when they began selling a wide array of car radios. The brand’s AM/FM cassette car stereos were among the most famous. Even today, Sony produces well-known, high-quality stereo systems.

4. Pioneer
Pioneer really are pioneers—the world’s very first component car stereo was made by this company in 1975!

The brand then started manufacturing full stereo component sets. Now, the company is one of the largest-selling brands in the Indian marketplace, largely due to its high quality and long warranty periods.

5. Bose
Bose aims to deliver as natural a sound as possible, which is exactly what you’ll get if you install a Bose car stereo. Clear, high-quality sound is something you’re guaranteed with a brand like Bose.

6. JVC
JVC is a company that ranks high both in-home stereo products as well as in-car stereo products. This Japan-based company has a reputation for manufacturing high-quality music systems at reasonable prices.

A new car stereo is the perfect way to add that extra zing to your already awesome car.


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