What’s Your Calling – Top 2 Aptitude Tests To Jump Start Your Career

You’re fresh out of college. And now, it’s time to face the most critical question that’s been nagging at you –

What career do I choose?

If you have absolutely no idea what to do, let alone what you’re good at, taking a career aptitude test may be the right decision. An aptitude test measures your abilities, and lets you know what you have the aptitude for—basically, what is it that you have a natural ability to do well.


You don’t have to wade through life hoping that you’ll stumble across something, some calling, that comes naturally. An aptitude test will simply give you an answer to that eternal question. So which career aptitude tests should you be taking? Let’s find out.

1. eLitmus
Launched in 2005, the eLitmus test is also known as the ‘pH test’. And no, this doesn’t mean that it tests you on anything chemistry-related. ’pH test’ here stands for ‘Hiring Potential Test’.


The test is mainly aimed at freshers and entry-level professionals. Should they get a good score, they’re likely to be recruited by reputed companies. eLitmus is organised and conducted by eLitmus Evaluation Private Limited, a Bangalore-based company. It has partnerships with over 200 other firms that recruit candidates via eLitmus.

So why is eLitmus considered to be one of the best career aptitude tests in India?

For starters, it evaluates candidates via a variety of parameters, and then compares them to all the candidates in India who have also taken the test.

Fun fact: These scores are known as ‘pH scores’.

What Does The Actual Test Entail?
Although it’s called eLitmus, the test itself is pretty old-fashioned. You write it with a pen and paper, and it’s about two hours long.

The test itself is divided into three sections –

a) Analytics
b) Verbal
c) Quantitative

Each section has 20 questions that are multiple choice in nature. Questions cover topics such as domain knowledge, behavioural skills, English communication, and general mental aptitude.

How Do I Take The Test?
Potential candidates can register on the eLitmus website. If you want to take the test, you will have to pay a fee, but don’t worry – it’s not too hefty an amount. Taking the eLitmus test will cost you about 750 rupees, which you can either pay online or by cash at the office in Bangalore.

Not a great test-taker the first time around? You can write the eLitmus test as many times as you want. Only the three most recent scores will be visible to companies on your profile.

The IPAT, or Iconic Professional Assessment Test, is a one-of-a-kind test as it links campuses, candidates, and corporations together.


What Will I Be Tested On?
The IPAT asks candidates questions on subjects like aptitude and reasoning, analytical topics, and language skills. Depending on the city where you take the test, it may be either online or offline. The IPAT is about an hour long, and consists of 75 multiple choice questions.

Unlike eLitmus, your IPAT test score is valid for a limited period of time only. Depending on your score, you’ll get interview calls from various companies. Around 500 companies will be able to access your IPAT scores.

If you choose to take the IPAT, you’ll also get free entry to most of the upcoming job fairs, which is a huge competitive advantage.

To make sure you do well in whatever test you choose to take, enroll in coaching classes. Whether it’s group classes or individual tutorials that you choose to enroll in, getting personal training can give you a huge competitive advantage.


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