Popular Super 30 To Get Class X Graduates, Announces Educationalist Anand Kumar

The hugely popular and successful Super 30 initiative by Anand Kumar is now set on extending its current educational programme to Class 10 graduates. Started in 2002, the program selects 30 of the best minds and meritorious talents from the economically-backward background and trains them to crack the IIT-JEE examinations to gain entrance into the prestigious IITs. In a recent statement, Kumar revealed that in addition to the XII Std graduates, he is planning for a two-year coaching programme for those who have cleared the X Std as well.

Though the intake numbers of the Class X graduates are still unclear, he said that the students belonging to this category are over and above the 30 Class XII graduates being currently chosen as a part of the existing program. Featuring as the latest achievement of his initiative is the fact that 28 students of the 30 coached in the previous batch cleared the JEE entrance exams. Known to have stayed away from funding offers by individuals as well as the government in the past, Kumar, along with other teachers, conducts classes for up to 4 hours every day for other students, which helps him fund his Super 30 initiative.

Future Plans

Among other plans for the future, he disclosed that he’d like to provide downloadable lectures for other aspiring candidates, all at a price of one rupee. Though he personally believes that classroom teaching is highly effective, he admits that online content and presence holds the possibility of a greater reach, given the proliferation of low internet access costs. He also added that his team is looking to set up a school based on a self-sustenance model which wouldn’t be exposed to other “pressures” for children through Standard 6th to Standard 12th and replicate it across the country.

Other Triumphs

Adding another feather to his cap is the invite from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to join force to teach Mathematics on their massive open online platform. However, he is yet to accept the invite officially but considers this as a great platform to reach out to students.

The coaching for Std X-passed students is a part of his long-term plan to help financially-challenged students who hold immense potential to realize their dreams of cracking the much-coveted entrance exams.


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