Charged Up – 5 Solid Reasons To Choose A Branded Power Bank

The most romantic notion of the contemporary times is the luxury of travelling and the carefree life that comes with it. Travelling has become a significant part of our lives, be it business trips or a much-desired personal vacation. Some of the essentials that one cannot miss while travelling are a mobile phone, moolah and a power bank.

buy a branded power bank

Being connected and available on virtual platforms has become a crucial part of your job as well as a necessity in your personal life. You cannot afford to have a dying phone on a trip – especially if it’s a business trip.

While there are many cheaper options for a suitable power bank available in the market, here are some reasons why we insist on a branded power bank for you –

The Real Capacity
Most of us are unaware of this basic mistake we make while buying an unbranded power bank. A branded power bank always states the milliamps per hour (mAh) of the portable chargers in real capacity values. The generic power bank, on the other hand, states the mAh in marking capacity. This basically means that the real output of the power bank does not match the stated capacity after charging a device. A branded power bank will be able to charge your device more efficiently and for longer.

Original Connector or Just A “Recycle”?
A connector is an essential component of the power bank. The quality of the connector ensures that the device is protected. A recycled or low-quality connector in the power bank will increase the chances of a short circuit.

A cheaper, non-branded power bank will house a low-quality and cheaper connector and sometimes a recycled connector that is a threat to your expensive devices.

A little Extra
Branded power banks also have additional features such as overcharging protection, temperature protection and short-circuit protection. While these seem unnecessary while buying a more expensive brand, they are important features when you are planning to use the power bank frequently to charge multiple devices for a long period.

Exploding Power Bank
While it is true that any machine with a battery has the capacity to blow up or explode, a branded power bank usually comes with a warranty or UL certification. These are not fancy standards that are insignificant in your everyday life. Rather, this warranty ensures that the possibility of any accident is almost negligible for top brands like Xiaomi and Asus.

Battery Life
It’s nearly impossible for consumers to understand a power bank battery and the kinds that are best suited to their needs. However, it has been often noticed that cheaper power banks use battery cell with lower capacity and those die way sooner due to the refurbished batteries.

Remember to buy a power bank charger that suits the gadgets as well as you daily needs. Bulky, heavy power banks can be a nuisance. Get a branded power bank in order to keep your dear gadgets, and yourself, safe.


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