The Quikr Handbook For A Productive Gap Year

So you’ve finished your mandatory 12 years of education. Textbooks have been stored away, graduation caps have been thrown in the air, and mithai has been distributed. Although you’ve managed to pass your exams with fairly decent marks, there’s still one question that you haven’t yet figured out the answer to.

What the hell do I want to do with my life?!

Figuring out which path you want to take can be scary. If you’re not quite ready to face the future yet, you may be considering taking a gap year.

make the most of a gap year

Although a gap year in India can be frowned upon, it’ll change you for the better—provided you use it well. Think of a gap year as an opportunity to do everything you’ve ever wanted to. Although it may be tempting to just stay under your comfy covers, it’s best to spend your year off doing something productive. So what can you do? Let’s get to the options.

1. Get Cooking
Although you may have thought differently in college, it turns out that surviving on a diet of instant noodles and energy drinks isn’t all that great for your body. Since you are going to live on your own at some point in the future, it’s probably a good idea to learn how to cook healthy, nutritious meals.
Signing up for a cooking class can turn you into the Masterchef you’ve always dreamed of being. Besides being super fun, cooking can help you hone your creative side. Who knows? Maybe you have a hidden talent for rolling rotis.

cooking classes

2. Dance Till You Drop
If you dance like that at parties, taking a dance class is something you may want to consider.
Not only will it boost your confidence, but research has shown that shuffling your feet relieves stress, enhances strength and flexibility, and improves posture and balance. Dancing is also a fun way to get some exercise in, so burn up the dance floor during your gap year!

dancing classes

3. Belt It Out
If your shower walls are the only audience to ever hear your singing, you might want to think about enrolling in singing classes. Training your voice can strengthen your lungs and your throat. Let’s face it—you’ll never be Beyoncé, but you can get close.

singing lessons

4. Blow Your Own Trumpet (Literally)
Have you always envied that friend who can play the guitar? If so, learning how to play a musical instrument may be a good way to add value to your gap year. The benefits of playing a musical instrument are pretty much innumerable. Studies have shown that it can increase the capacity of your memory, refine your time management and organisational skills, and enhance your coordination.

learn to play a musical instrument

Whether it’s a guitar, the piano, the drums, or something totally out of the blue like an oboe, learning how to play a musical instrument is a great way to stay productive during your gap year.
And If everything else fails… Travel!

travel the world

At this very moment, you’re the youngest you’ll ever be, so make the most of it. There’s no better time to travel than your year off. It’s a well-known fact that travelling changes the way you see and relate to the world. Gaining the experience now can empower you to face whatever future lies ahead of you. So pack a bag, and just go – you’ll sure be glad that you did.

How you choose to spend your gap year is up to you. Engaging in something productive will enhance you in ways you never knew were possible.


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