British Council Revives Summer School Programme

The British Council has revived its Summer School programme at its centre in Delhi. This programme is available for young learners between the ages of 8 and 15. The theme for the course this year is William Shakespeare who is arguably the most famous writer in the world.

Learners at this course will develop and hone writing, speaking, listening and reading skills through a series of engaging games, tasks and other activities that are centered on William Shakespeare. The Summer School has two sessions – one from 23rd May to 12th June, and another from 20th June to 17th August. Students learn team building and participate in group discussions and work in stimulating and safe environments. Every child gets individual attention along with being prepared for confident communication.

Language proficiency will be developed through Shakespearean stories. This will also work wonders in instilling a love for literature amidst children. Children are introduced to carefully and intricately designed lessons meant to facilitate greater understanding. They are also encouraged to produce their own creative language. Students are motivated to participate in creating writing and art competitions as part of a Shakespeare themed fancy dress event as well. Children participating in the course will also take part in a performance during the final week in a 200 seater auditorium.

The Summer School programme offers children a platform for demonstrating creativity, teamwork and English language skills. It also offers speaking and writing courses in addition to storytelling workshops, general English courses, debating skills and a lot more.


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