All You Need To Know About Buying A Screen Guard

A single, small scratch on the screen can cause your heart to sink. Besides affecting the aesthetics of your phone, this can also have an impact on its usability.

smartphone screen guard

What is a Screen Guard?

Also known as a screen protector, it’s a thin film of plastic (PET) or glass (TPU) that protects your smartphone’s screen from damage. The different mobile screen guard types are shaped to fit the screen perfectly and have cut-outs that enable you to use your camera and speaker.

Here’s Why You Need One

Although the Gorilla Glass boasts of screens that are claimed to be absolutely scratch-resistant, there are reasons that suggest you should invest in a screen guard.

While the Gorilla Glass and similar makes that are used in most smartphones can’t be scratched by your fingernails and the keys in your pocket, their material is not sturdier than other harder metals and the sand particles in your pocket from the last beach holiday.


1. Reflecting Light
Most smartphones’ screens are so smooth that they glare when used with lights around. Screen protectors are designed to have anti-glare properties and some are even matte-finished.


2. The Annoying Fingerprints
Your naked screen might not have scratches, but you’re sure to get tired of cleaning the smudges and fingerprints every once in a while to keep the screen clear!

3. Breaking The Screen
It’s not rare that you accidentally drop your phone, and more often than not, your phone follows Murphy’s Law and falls screen-first. Unless you’re ready to spend thousands of rupees to get a new screen installed every time it cracks, it’ll help to put up a TPU screen protector.


The Different Types of Screen Guards

Before you zero in on a screen guard for your phone, consider a few things. Think of whether glare is a factor and if mirror screen protectors or privacy screen protectors are things that you want to look at when you buy a screen guard online or in store.

1. Standard Screen Guards
The most inexpensive, these are the regular crystal-clear screen protectors with a shiny and smooth surface but are not much use in reducing glare.

2. Anti-Glare Protectors
Normally made of tempered glass, these are eye-friendly and are made to reduce the light glare, making your screen readable in direct sunlight. It’s a good choice for people who are outdoors a lot.


3. Mirror Screen Guards
These serve a dual purpose by turning your mobile phone into a mirror when the screen is in sleep mode. They don’t reduce glare and aren’t great for watching movies or viewing photos. If calling and texting are mostly what you use your phone for, then opt for a mirror screen guard.


4. Privacy Screen Guard
Particularly helpful when exchanging confidential information, it prevents people from catching sneaky glimpses of your photos and messages. You can only view the screen when the phone is held right in front of you. 


Just take a look at the screen protectors, decide which suits you best, and put your concerns to rest! Buying a screen guard is very inexpensive compared to the cost of replacing a smartphone, especially a new one that has not been used much. While you’re at it, you can even buy a screen guard just to protect the back of your phone! 


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