Bored? Here Are 7 Interesting Hobbies For You

Okay. So I watched a movie last weekend. What’s the most fun I could’ve this weekend? Oh! maybe I’ll drag my husband to the mall and window shop. OR, we could take a trip to that resort on the outskirts.

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… On second thought, the resort is going to be expensive. And window shopping at the mall always turns into an unnecessary shopping spree. If this is more or less how your thoughts go when you have time to yourself, what you need is a hobby.

Something fulfilling and fun that you can lose yourself in on lazy weekends. If you pick the right one, you won’t have to invest too much money to get started. It’ll kill boredom economically and also contribute towards making you a more interesting and well-rounded person.

1. (Quietly) Go To A Library

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If you think reading is hard, unnecessary, or boring – you’re wronger than wrong. But here’s the good news – if you don’t usually read and decide to go to the nearest library anyway, you’re in for a treat.

Books from all over the world are waiting, neatly lined up on shelves, just for you. Unlocking this treasure trove of knowledge and learning is as simple as signing up for a library card. Reading opens up a whole new world. It’s a rejuvenating experience to realise that you know more than you did before and can look at the world with fresh eyes.

Try and read a good mix of fiction and nonfiction. This way, you’ll get the best of both worlds.

2. Writing Is More Than Just Grocery Lists
Remember that mind-blowing idea which occurred to you while you were brushing your teeth this morning? Sit down with a pen, some paper, and a steaming mug of coffee and write about it.

It doesn’t matter what you write or if you think your writing isn’t good enough. Just start, it’s not like you have to show anyone.

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If your experience with writing ended when you stopped taking notes in school or college, you’re about to discover a new side to yourself. Writing is not some strange, unknowable magic that only a handful of people are privy to. It’s a skill like any other. Do it often enough and you’ll keep getting better at it.

Write a story about your dreams if you want to, or a song for your pets, or even a poem about potatoes if that’s what you feel like doing!

This is probably the cheapest hobby on the list. It’ll help you become better at organising and expressing your thoughts, and maybe you can even publish your book when you’re done with it.

3. Art That Speaks To The Heart

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If you’ve always wanted to make art, simply pick up a pencil or a paintbrush today and start creating. Join an art class if you find it confusing in the beginning.

Classes will teach you the basics of the skill, and once this is done, you can let your imagination take over. Practice often enough, and you’ll be able to sell your masterpieces before long!

4. Run For Your Life

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Exercise can help you live longer, so ‘run for your life’ is pretty accurate. Running will improve the quality of your life, and it’s also incredibly fun!

If you’ve never run to exercise in your life, there’s no reason you can’t start right now. Simply buy a pair of running shoes and hit the road. Take it slow in the beginning to avoid injuring yourself. If you stick to it for a couple of months, you’ll be running for miles without breaking a sweat. Plus, you’ll feel and look great!

In case your doctor told you that your joints can’t take the strain of running, don’t lose heart. You can go cycling or swimming instead. These activities are much easier on your joints and will still help you get into peak physical condition.

5. Get Your Hands Dirty

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Gardening is an activity with more benefits than you’d believe. The end result is visually pleasing, it feels great to work with your hands, you can grow your own food, and it even helps improve your mental health.

To see all these benefits, set aside a portion of your day to tend to your plants. Water them, weed the soil, and add fertiliser as needed. If you don’t have enough space in your backyard or if you live in an apartment, you can make a small garden in your balcony by growing plants in pots, buckets, bottles, or even old tyres.

6. Speak In Tongues

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Bonjour! Konichiwa! Hola!

To experience the sheer variety and richness that different languages offer, you need to be familiar with at least a few.
Whether it’s Mandarin or Bengali, it’ll give you a new perspective on communication. It’ll also help you get around without a hitch when you visit those places.

If you want to travel abroad on a shoestring budget, you could offer English classes once you’ve learned to speak the local language perfectly. Besides, it’s always fun to pick up a few choice insults in other languages!

7. Awaken The Master Chef

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Love to eat? Take one step further and try your hand at cooking. It’s a great skill to have because you don’t need to order food from a restaurant or wait for someone to make you what you want. You can simply whip it up yourself!

An array of recipes are available online for you to explore. Many famous chefs have their own channels on youtube, and if you want hands-on learning, you can always join a cooking class.

It might not seem like a cheap hobby because ingredients tend to be on the expensive side. But you have to eat anyway, so why not pick up a new skill while you’re at it? Make a delicious pasta Alfredo at home, and you probably won’t feel like going out and spending money on an expensive dinner.

Immerse yourself in an interesting activity instead of doing the same thing over and over again every weekend, and you’ll realise that you don’t need to go to the Himalayas to seek inner peace. A hobby will give you that refreshing getaway you’ve been looking for.


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