4 Smartphone Features That Just… Need. To. Go. Now!

These days, when you get a smartphone, it’s stuffed with uber-cool features, from high-quality cameras to voice assistance – features that you probably can’t imagine your life without.

Want to click one of those dreamy landscape pictures? Use your smartphone camera. Too lazy to set your own alarm? Ask nicely and your phone will do it for you.

Smart Phone with Camera


Yes, every smartphone is capable of a world of possibilities. But there’s also a couple of features to make you cringe every time you accidentally click on them.

These are a few features that the best smartphone makers need to stop including in their devices. Come on, already!

1. Bloatware Is A Big No-No

Really? Bloatware? What have tech geeks ever done to you? All they do is wait diligently in long queues, waiting to buy your expensive phones with their hard-earned money, and this is how you repay them?

Bloatware, in case you didn’t already know, doesn’t usually serve a practical purpose. They’re apps and widgets that come pre-installed and take up a whole bunch of valuable space on your smartphone.

The worst part? Even though you probably don’t use them at all, you can’t delete them!


It’s like that ugly pair of trousers in your wardrobe handed down by your uncle. You don’t really want it, but you can’t throw it out because your mom would totally throw a fit! Then of course will come the lecture about how much love went into that gift.

You can’t even get rid of bloatware unless you know how to root your phone. Gaining root access is pretty complicated, and it’ll void your phone’s warranty. Mess up the process, and your phone will never see the light of day again.

2. The Resolution Saga

Lately, every smartphone maker is embroiled in a game of one-upmanship. Right now, they’re going all out, guns blazing, to churn out phones with bigger and better displays.

High resolution smart phones

They’re so obsessed with resolutions that they’re overlooking a simple fact: consumers can’t tell the difference anymore!

Manufacturers are spending a major portion of their time designing phones with higher resolutions, which leads to ever increasing phone sizes, which in turn leads us to our next point…

3. It’s Not A TV. It’s A Smartphone!

Remember when phones used to be small enough to fit snugly in your palm? When bigger phones came out, they still fit comfortably in your pocket.

Those days are long gone, and most of the top smartphones have a default size of approximately 5 inches. Anything smaller is usually laughed at and considered obsolete.

Nokia 3310Today, you’ll even find mammoth-sized phones known as phablets – a hybrid between a phone and a tablet. With a screen size of 6 inches or more, you’ll be lucky to fit one of these into your pockets, let alone comfortably in your hand.

4. Sucky Sound Enhancers

Smart Phone features

You must have been excited when you found out that the phone you planned to buy had killer sound-enhancing features like Dolby, Beats, JBL, or Bass.

Let’s burst that bubble of excitement: these features are as good as non-existent.

Sure, they give you a variety of sound-customising options, but plug your phone into a pair of speakers, or put on a pair of headphones, and music will sound just as great.

These specialised features don’t do much to alter your listening experience, but they do have an impact on the amount of money that you spend on your phone.

Smartphones are a blessing to mankind. But it’s about time manufacturers listened to what their customers have to say instead of trying to outclass each other with sometimes-useless features.


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