4 Kick-Ass Advantages Of Gaming

Stealing cars, killing people, and fighting for zombies. None of these things sound like something you’d enjoy in real life. But put them in a video game, and you’ll have a blast – sometimes, literally!

Video games are, and always will be, the best invention since the wheel. While many people might think that gaming is a complete waste of time, it actually has a whole host of benefits.

Remember your little friend Mario?

Yes, you read that right. Benefits!

Here’s a list of 4 advantages available to staunch gamers. Show them to the person who says, “be productive” the next time you’re busy beating up virtual bad guys!

1. High Scores On Vision

Remember when your mom used to nag you about how playing video games could potentially ruin your eyesight?

Well, a recent study shows that fast-paced games like Call of Duty and Medal of Honor can actually be helpful to people suffering from cataracts.

The screen is crowded with tiny bits of information – and your eyes need to watch out for potential dangers that could threaten your existence (in the game).

Pro-gamer, are you

When you’ve got enemies hiding in bushes, and grenades being tossed at you, your eyes are forced to concentrate, and your brain picks up these cues. This helps in improving your response to visual cues in general.

  1. Be On The Lookout

With enough gaming, your spatial attention is going to level up for sure. This means you’ll be able to take in a lot more information with just one glance at something.

So the next time you’re driving down a crowded street, the car in front of you, the well-dressed man picking his nose, and the chaiwala shouting at a customer will immediately show up on your radar.

Race you to the finish line!

So no more dents from the vehicles that you weren’t able to see.

  1. Level Down On Stress

Sometimes, you feel so low that it seems like nothing could cheer you up. Most people take refuge in a tub of ice cream, or lose themselves in a sappy rom-com.

But another way to get out of this mindset is to play an entertaining video game. Numerous studies have shown that video games defeat depression and help you see the lighter side of life –

  • By letting you jump ridiculously high to reach a flagpole (Remember our li’l friend Mario?),
  • Or perhaps by letting you trip unsuspecting pedestrians with a goat.

The game, Mrs Hudson, is on!


In a virtual world, gamers find it easier to vent their frustration, especially when you can take it out in the form of headshots on enemy soldiers.

  1. Quick Thinking

It’s common knowledge that most video games require you to make split-second decisions. Mere milliseconds determine whether you’re going to kill or be killed.

Since gamers are constantly exposed to sensory information that requires a response, they need to decode the information and react to it within seconds.

Ms Pacman taught us all a lot, didn't she?

Thanks to these harrowing decision-making experiences, every pro gamer is equipped to make on-the-spot decisions without flinching. And it’s not just that; gamers are also more likely to make the most suitable decision in any given situation!

So when it comes to decisions like Chinese food or Indian, tie or no tie, and vanilla or chocolate, gamers will be able to make lightning-fast decisions. Impressive, yes?

So the next time someone tells you to get a life, get a video game console, and explain how gaming helps you enrich the life you’re living.


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