What Does Your Smartphone OS Say About You?

We’ve reached a point in our evolution where we’ve reduced everything to a few swipes of our fingers. Whether it’s buying diapers, ordering food, hailing a cab, or exploring the glory of cat videos on the internet, we do it all on our smartphones.

Everyone has their own preference while picking out a smartphone. Some like them fast, some like them tiny, and some like them shiny. But besides just different models and makes, smartphones are different mainly because of their Operating Systems (OS).

A lot can be said about you just by the smartphone OS that you choose. On a not-so-serious note, you don’t choose the Operating System. The Operating System chooses you!

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1. The Android User

A notable milestone in the evolution of the smartphone is the easy-to-customize Android OS. It’s Google’s answer to the iOS and Nokia’s long-forgotten Symbian OS.

Android power users are essentially your geeky 90’s kids who’ve finally found their perfect match. Most of their time on the smartphone isn’t used for calls or text messages. Oh no. Why would you do such a thing with your phone?

Hey, do you have a camera? No, I have an Android phone!

An Android device is meant to be tinkered with till you can remotely run your whole house with it. And if you can figure out how to run your neighbour’s house as well, that’s a definite plus.

You’ll love the fact that you can download a multitude of apps that let you do everything. From customizing every single icon on your phone to pointing it at the night sky and finding out exactly which stars you’re seeing.

Have you always dreamt of a world like Star Trek? Are you desperately hoping the Holodeck is invented before you die? Then the Android smartphone is definitely for you. 

2. The iPhone Junta

There’s one thing that every Apple customer has in abundance: moolah! When you consciously make the choice to buy a phone for the price of a second-hand car, you know that you make good money.

Crystal Clear Display On The iPhone

The iPhone has the same features as most of your mid-level Android phones. In addition to that, its closed development environment ensures that any app you download is worth the bandwidth you spend on it.

That iconic Apple logo isn’t just for show. With an iPhone, you get quality and longevity. This translates to – your phone isn’t going to randomly decide that it’s bored of you and needs a break in the middle of a very important call!

It’s also known for having a camera to die for. So, if you’re a shutterbug, you’re in for a real treat.

3. The Blackberry Executive

The BlackBerry was every businessman’s go-to tool. Mainly because it helped when office parties turned awkward.

‘Hey, remember my name even though we’ve met only once 10 years ago?!’

‘What? Huh? I’m so sorry, I need to reply to this very important email.’ *buries nose in BlackBerry*

The Slick Blackberry Smartphone

The BlackBerry could also be used as an ideal paperweight. Everyone knows that you can never have too many paperweights in the business world.

Soon after, Android and iOS started to give people everything that BlackBerry did. And managed to look cooler in the process! BlackBerry decided to step up their game. Now, even businessmen can look cool while using a Blackberry and still have money to buy Evian water everyday.

4. That Windows Person

Microsoft has taken ‘tapping on windows’ to a whole new level. They’ve teamed up with Nokia (undisputed champion of phones that’ll survive the apocalypse) to bring the Windows experience from the PC to the smartphone.

If you own a Windows phone, you probably appreciate the incredible battery life and the efficiency with which the whole system runs. You don’t really mind not being plugged in all the time though, because Windows phones are often left out of the loop when it comes to apps.

It's a PC... in a phone!

These devices make for a comfortable middle ground between Android and iOS. Plus, we’re all hoping Nokia does what it does best and infuses Windows phones with the same indestructible magic that we all know so well.

If you’re reading this article and don’t have a smartphone yet, what’re you waiting for?! Get with the times and pick from one of these operating systems.

Smartphones are more than just text-and-call devices. They’re an extension of how you think and who you are. Remember to split your time evenly between using your phone and arguing with other people about why your choice of OS is better than theirs.


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