As It Turns Out, Dealing With Life Is Easy

Growing up and becoming an adult is all about being independent and doing things your way. But when it’s actually time to start doing these adults things, you realize that you were better off as a toddler when your only responsibility was dirtying your diapers.

Unfortunately, you can’t turn back time. And no, you can’t pretend to be a diaper-wearing infant. You’ll just have to deal with everything that life throws at you.

But how bad can it get?

You really want to know?

Fine, here you go.

1. No One’ll Clean Your Room For You

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Remember when you were younger, you’d always come back home to a sparkling clean room?

Wasn’t that just awesome?

Well, you’re going to forget that feeling soon.

Consider this a warning; unless you clean every single day, your cosy little apartment will gradually turn into a sea of clothes and junk food boxes.

2. You’ll Have To Deal With Money

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Once you start earning, you’ll realize that you have to do something about all that money that’s sitting idle in your account.

That’s when someone tells you about insurance. So you get your hands on an insurance form, and come face-to-face with the stark reality that you have no idea what anything means anymore.

Welcome to the real world.

3. Fixing Things Requires Considerable Time & Energy

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When things start breaking down, you’ll understand exactly why being an adult is such a pain.

Why? Because everything breaks all the time. Leaking taps, over-enthusiastic electrical sockets, self-destructive furniture… life is a giant circus of things that suck up your time and money.

Best of luck trying to fix all that by yourself.

4. Shifting Homes Isn’t As Fun As It Used To Be

As an adult, shifting homes involves a lot more than ensuring that all your toys are safely tucked into one box.

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Moving will make you realize that you don’t really need half the things you own. This realization will come in the middle of a breakdown that you’ll have while trying to pack everything in flimsy cardboard boxes.

Being an adult might seem tedious and annoying, but you don’t have to fend for yourself all the time. Especially if it’s something related to your home.

Just log on to QuikrServices and choose from the vast range of home services on offer. From financial assistance to maid service, from movers and packers to electricians, everything any fledgling adult would ever need is now in one convenient place.


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