Congress terms odd-even formula insane

The odd-even formula proposed as an experiment by the AAP ruled Delhi Government has already affected thousands of owners of new and used cars in the Capital. It has now been compared with Muhammad bin Tughlaq’s act by the Congress.


AAP had earlier criticized Robert Vadra for questioning the exemptions present in the odd-even policy to start from the 1st of January. In a counteractive move, the Congress termed this initiative of the Delhi government similar to an act of Muhammad bin Tughlaq, ruler of the Delhi Sultanate. The Congress talked of how Mr. Vadra highlighted discrimination of VIPs which was definitely a point as they possessed the same lungs and inhaled oxygen equal to regular individuals. Everyone being equal, the raising of the issue in the public domain should not have worried AAP like it did according to Congress sources.


These sources also spoke of how Muhammad bin Tughlaq shifted the capital to Devagiri from Delhi without having any infrastructure in place. According to the party, the people of Delhi do not deserve such half baked plans especially when the transport system has almost broken down. Tughlaq transferred Delhi to Devagiri or the present Daulatabad for consolidating south Indian conquests and combating incursions from the Mongols.


Tughlaq ordered a huge and forced migration of Delhi citizens to the new capital which lay approximately 1, 500 km away. This took place sometime in 1328-29 according to historical estimates. The AAP should have thought of a consensus backed policy according to the Congress. Vadra had earlier criticized exemptions made for VIPs in the odd-even plan which was hypocritical and violated the basic principles of equality. AAP has called Vadra the biggest hypocrite of them all and advised him to not plunge into the issue.


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