BMW X1 LWB images leaked!

The images of the BMW X1 Long Wheelbase model have been leaked! The car seems to be around 100mm longer in comparison to the standard X1.


There were rumors of a LWB model for the new X1 in 2016. Official images of the vehicle have been leaked online. The bigger crossover looks similar to the current X1 except the additional wheelbase stretch. This will get an Li badge and may well be sold exclusively for Chinese markets. There will be a seven seater version for customers in Europe and the US and this may be named the X1 Grand in place of the five seater extended wheelbase X1.


The second generation model comes with a front wheel drive platform which is transverse mounted. It does away with the rear wheel drive system and longitudinally installed engine of its previous variant. Turbocharged diesel and petrol engines may be used and these may be mated to an 8 speed automatic transmission system. This car will be launched in India according to sources and should come with a diesel engine as well. The long wheelbase X1 may only go to China and should possess a petrol engine.


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