Wi-Fi launched in buses by Delhi Government

Citizens may soon consider leaving second hand cars and new vehicles at home and take brand new Wi-Fi buses instead! Yes, the Delhi Government has launched a pilot project comprising of 6 buses with GPS, Wi-Fi and CCTV capabilities.

WiFi Service in Delhi

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All Wi-Fi details will be delineated on the back of the seats in these buses. The pilot project was flagged off by Gopal Rai, Transport Minister. The Minister labeled this as the first initiative towards ensuring greater safety for women in the Capital. According to him, two major telecom companies in partnership with a private firm will be taking over facility management in the buses. This will be carried out till January 15 when the trial period ends. Commuters will be able to use Wi-Fi free of cost for approximately 10 minutes each.

The companies will be submitting reports to the Government within the 15th of February and tenders would be floated thereafter for these facilities to be integrated into the full DTC bus fleet. According to Rai, free Wi-Fi and total safety for women had been promised earlier and this would be the first step towards fulfilling the same. There are cameras at the front, back and in front of the driver in these buses. The feeds would be available to the police whenever required. DTC and DIMTS will monitor and store data in case of cluster buses.

There are stickers behind all bus seats with detailed guidelines on getting free Wi-Fi for approximately 10 minutes. This will only be throughout the trial period and upon future implementation, the Government will issue guidelines on free and payable bandwidth. The hashtag #aamaadmiwifi has been highlighted by the Minister for urging citizens to send feedback using email, WhatsApp and social media sites.

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