Japanese & South Korean opposition to odd-even formula

The South Korean and Japanese investment lobbies are growing increasingly anxious on the odd-even proposal.


As per sources, it’s not just you who’s worried about taking out new or 2nd hand cars in Delhi-NCR. The South Korean and Japanese missions are growing worried about this rule limiting car usage to reduce high levels of pollution. These missions are already considering taking up the issue with the Arvind Kejriwal led Government and this may be a joint exercise. This is because the rule will completely wreak havoc on the commuting arrangements of nationals of these countries who work throughout the NCR.


As per the proposal, cars with odd registration numbers will be allowed to ply on odd dates and even numbered vehicles will be running on even dates. This will start off as a test between the 1st and 15th of January. Japanese officials stated how there should be more preparation. Rationing car movement should never be done overnight even though pollution levels are high in Delhi. There should be a notice of six months given for getting proper infrastructure ready and prepare residents for this innovative traffic system. According to Japanese sources, this formula could prevent new business from flowing into NCR for the long haul.


South Korea and Japan have both invested hugely in local automobile industries in India including Hyundai, Maruti Suzuki and Honda to name just a few. On the flipside, South Korean sources also talked of how the air quality in Delhi is another deterrent to foreigners visiting the city. The odd-even rule will not be encouraging according to officials here. As per statistics garnered from the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the NCR has more than 300 Japanese companies and the visit of the Japanese PM, Shinzo Abe, will definitely spur greater economic activity.


PM Narendra Modi’s visit to Seoul in May will also boost commercial ties with South Korea which is planning to increase investments. This may get a jolt with the implementation of the odd-even rule.


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