The brand new BMW X2 decoded!

According to reports, the brand new BMW X2 is set to carve a niche in the mainstream luxury vehicle market.


After the second generation BMW X1 launch, the all new BMW X2 crossover is also expected to be launched shortly. The X2 will be a mixture of the BMW X4 and X1. The X2 will be tinier in comparison to the X4 but a lot sportier in relation to the X1. This will mean lower head-room at the rear of the vehicle and luggage space will be sacrificed. The M Sport model could also be offered for people desiring attractive and rugged design. Average ages of the BMW X2 customer could actually be really low for the company’s entire portfolio.


The BMW X2 is slated to be based on the UKL1 front wheel drive platform. The X2 will be the fourth such vehicle based on this platform. The X2 will come with four cylinder 2.0 litre turbocharged diesel and petrol engines. The 1.5 litre turbocharged three cylinder diesel and petrol engines may also be used. There should be 8 speed Steptronic and 6 speed manual transmission systems in place. xDrive all wheel drive systems could be kept for the top models.


The X2 will also be coming with 19 inch alloy wheels, cutting edge iDrive infotainment system, full LED headlights, Variable Sports Steering, Dynamic Damper Control System, Driving Assistant Plus, Head Up Display and more such features. The BMW X2 SAC (Sports Activity Coupe) will be going on sale in 2017 according to sources. It will be manufactured at the Regensburg plant of the company in Germany along with the X1.


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