Mahindra S101 will be called the KUV100


According to sources, the all new Mahindra S101 is set to be named the KUV100. This will be a one of a kind compact SUV meets crossover.


It was earlier reported that this compact SUV would be called the Mahindra XUV100. However, this car would make use of a monocoque platform. Mahindra may not wish to dilute the brand name of their flagship vehicle, the XUV500. The company is likely to shy away from naming their most affordable vehicle in a similar manner to its most premium offering in Indian markets.


This vehicle will be highlighted as a compact SUV and the K will be standing for Kompact. According to Chief Executive & President at Mahindra, Pravin Shah, customers are already demonstrating higher interest in car names that resemble codes and alpha-numerics in place of proper nouns. Post the TUV300 and XUV500, the KUV100 will be a follow up to this style in the portfolio of the company.


Mahindra is scheduled to unveil the formal name of the S101 on the 18th of December. The company should also be revealing further information and details at this event. The KUV100 will be a pioneering launch and is expected to come with state of the art features and several new attractions.


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