How to Put Together That Perfect Playlist for Your Next Long Drive


There are a few things in this world that’s as relaxing and stress-free as a long drive out on the highway.

Maybe it’s the fresh air streaming in through the windows, or the rush of adrenaline each time you push a little harder on the pedal. Being able to forget everything else and cruise down the tarmac for hours on end is liberating. However, no road trip is ever complete without the right music.

Spending money to buy car stereos is only worth it if you’ve got the right music.

Listening to some good music when you’re out on the open road can make already amazing long drives truly epic. Here’s how you can put together a playlist that makes driving a real pleasure.


  1. Feeling The Beat


Set your mood with up-tempo music


The first thing you need to do is figure out the mood that you’d like to get into.

Feeling too hyper to sit still? Go for calm, chilled out tracks. If you’re feeling down and want to perk up your energy levels, you could try putting on some loud, up-tempo music. Or, you could match the music to your mood as well.

You can also make a playlist with different moods. But unless you want to risk an aneurysm, try not to switch directly from death metal to K-pop.

For example, if you’re listening to Megadeth, gradually transition into some glam rock like Van Halen, then maybe a funky retro anthem like Kung-Fu Fighting, and then you can queue up your favourite Girls Generation track.


  1. Grooving On


Listen to different genres


Unless you enjoy listening to the same kind of sounds, try to include a good mix of genres into your playlist. Keep in mind that switching genres doesn’t mean that you’ll end up switching the mood.

If you don’t intend to listen to hard-hitting, fast paced patterns after a section of laid-back blues, try queuing in some trip-hop or glitch for a similar, but more electronic sound.

Do your best to keep tracks with similar tempos close together and you’ll have yourself a killer playlist.


  1. Rockin’ Down The Highway


Rocking the Highway


Start your playlist with a bang.

Pick a track that really gets you going or one that you know really well. Don’t be too picky and shy away from the ones that make you nostalgic.

8 times out of 10, a song that you remember from years ago (YMCA, anyone?) could end up getting you in the mood even before you put the key into the ignition.


  1. Everyone Needs Lab Rats


Playlist to get you going


Here’s the best way to make sure your playlist has what it takes to get the endorphins flowing.

If you get into the car with someone, maybe to run a little errand or just to drop them off, put on your new playlist. This works just like a when you take a car out for a test drive.

Does it feel good? Does your passenger look like they’re enjoying it? Can you already see yourself cruising along with the windows down and the wind in your face? Congratulations, you’ve successfully made the most amazing, ultra-groovy playlist ever.

And here’s one more thing, if you can afford it, buy a good car stereo system.

A top-notch system can heighten your listening experience. But don’t worry if you’re on a low budget, just head to Quikr and find tons of used car stereos for sale.


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