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From the inception of life and time, the hope called home is deeply ingrained in us. The place that inspires, shelters and loves us, in distress and joy alike. The place that offers us a sense of warmth and belonging. The place where we took our nostalgia inducing first steps in. The walls that we painted every color possible when we were discovering the artist in us at the age of four. The verandah that we cycled all around and bruised our knees in. The rooms where we burnt the midnight oil preparing for our exams. A lifetime worth of moments. And sometimes, a moment worth a lifetime.


In the video narrative above, we have tried to capture just that. That moment called home. We are born, in fact, in a home that is more beautiful to us than the most intricate piece of architecture in the world. A home where we spend the early years of our life, and grow up in. As we grow, we move on to a new home with newer dreams and aspirations. As quoted alongside the trajectory of life that Ranveer projects here, “we work, we sleep…we sleep, we work”. Home becomes the place where we exchange our deepest thoughts with our first love. And then we move along the proverbial circle of life to a new home, where we build a fresh start to another journey when we settle down and begin our own family. It’s an experience spanning all human emotions and one that every one of us hopes to have.

Today, we are humbled and overwhelmed to add to this wonderful journey in your life. Today, we bring you QuikrHomes – a platform that will be your friend in the search for a place where you can build your home. And build it the way you want to.

When we say, “badle aap, toh badle aapka ghar”, we refer to the dynamic and forward-moving direction of life that takes you through inevitable change. And when you change, we are there, right beside you, to handhold and guide you through that change towards finding a house that you can make your home.

We understand that home-buying is no mean feat. For most people, it’s an act of building a safe place to come home to for the rest of their lives.

It is essentially the time to play cop. Yes, you heard us right. You need to investigate the surroundings of a potential home for everything under the real estate sun. And how can we help? Here’s how –

#1 Research Thy Locality

Try out the street vision feature to get a comprehensive grasp on the nearby locality. Is it really akin to the online listing you came across? Check out for yourself.

#2 Know Thy Neighborhood Facilities

Much like on a third date, get to know what’s really going on behind the online facade. Unravel the mystery beneath. The schools, the recreation centres, the markets (or lack thereof) etc.

#3 Assess Yon Real Estate

The merit of a piece of real estate, or its seller, hinges upon the past precedence of trading activity. QuikrHomes will give you the low-down you need to be an informed consumer and a happier home-buyer.

Now that you’ve the tools you need tucked safely in your mind, let’s begin this beautiful journey to bring you closer to a place you can call your own…


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