3 Unconventional Advantages of Arranged Marriages In India


Before you cringe at the idea of having your ‘partner for life’ decided by your parents, you might want to take a closer look at arranged marriages.


What’s the Deal?

An arranged marriage is where a third party (in most cases, your family) chooses a spouse for you. But ‘arranged’ doesn’t mean ‘forced’.

Arranged Marriage in India

Sure, your parents and other well-wishers use various matrimonial services to find a worthy partner and arrange for the initial meeting. But the decision to marry is in your hands. So if you’re not into your prospective husband or wife, you can just walk away from the whole thing.

But before doing that, consider these advantages that arranged marriages have to offer.


Undying Familial Support

First off, it’s usually your immediate family that picks out the potential bride or groom. So you don’t have to worry about dadi’s approval in order to get married. In this case, your parents are going to go the extra mile to find the perfect partner for you. They’ll ensure that both families share similar values and that your spouse has a personality that’s compatible with yours.

Pros of arranged marriages

This means that they’ll have to actually like your partner before agreeing to let you guys get hitched. This means that both the bride’s family and the groom’s are going to want this union to work out. Thanks to this, you’ll be getting all the love and support that you need from them.


More Stable Financial Security

Let’s face it. Your parents aren’t about to select someone who’s liable to go broke soon after the nuptials. They want to ensure that their child can live a comfortable life, without having to worry unduly about where to procure funds to run the household. With this in mind, they’ll choose a consort whose financial life is stable.

Your parents will probably do a thorough background check to determine the source and size of income of your to-be spouse. There are numerous Indian matrimony services that they can use to obtain this information.

They’ll also try to figure out whether your partner will be able to remain financially well-off in the future. Since you’ve got support from both sides of the family, you can be sure that if you’re ever in need of funds, you’ll get help from multiple sources.


Your Chances Of Commitment Rise

In a love marriage, individuals choose their own partners. They’re not bound together by commitment from the start, but by feelings of intimacy and their emotional attachment to one another.

In an arranged marriage, however, two people are brought together by a third party and agree to join hands in sacred matrimony. They’re committed to one another at the start of the marriage, and grow to love each other as they spend the years together.

Love marriages in India

Disparities present themselves in every relationship, but because your family (and the aspect of commitment) is involved, you’re more likely to work out your differences and stay together.

There’s also an element of mystery in an arranged marriage. You don’t really know too much about your spouse, and living together will help you discover new things about them everyday. There’s always something to look forward to, and marital contentment isn’t hard to find.


Do What’s Best

These are just a few of the advantages of being in an arranged marriage. Before opting for one, think about your personality and assess whether you’re the type to settle down with someone you haven’t spent a lot of time with.

Your parents can find the right partner, but if you’re completely against the idea, give it some more thought.


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