Maruti Suzuki India Backs BSF’s Road Safety Emphasis with Over 1 Lakh Car Reflectors

Car Reflectors

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The Central Government has also approved a sum of INR 33 crore for fencing work and repairs in addition to other necessary measures along the border. The BSF’s initiative relating to road safety has been approved by the Government and backed by Maruti Suzuki India, the largest carmaker in the country.  


The Border Security Force (BSF) has been going all out to prevent road accidents in the state. The BSF celebrates its golden jubilee on the 1st of December this year. Its road safety initiative has earned Government approval and is now being backed by Maruti Suzuki, the largest and most iconic automobile company in the country. Maruti Suzuki India has decided to integrate reflectors on more than 1 lakh vehicles across the state in support for this safety programme.


Several other initiatives have been approved by the Centre including repairs and fencing work along the border for which INR 33 crore has already been sanctioned. Maruti Suzuki India is leaving no stone unturned to make this initiative a success and is deeply committed towards enforcing road safety measures as part of its responsibility to customers. This development is being hailed by industry sources as one of the most novel collaborative exercises between an automobile giant and a premier defence and security entity.


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