Excessively High Fuel Usage in Some Cars Was a Known Fact for Volkswagen’s Top Brass Last Year

In November this year, Volkswagen admitted how carbon dioxide emission levels and fuel usage were understated for approximately 800, 000 vehicles majorly sold in Europe. This came after the defeat device controversy surrounding the brand.


According to sources, Volkswagen’s top executives knew last year that some company vehicles were considerably less fuel efficient in comparison to official statements. The entire scandal will be costly for Volkswagen with billions in costs and damages. This was earlier centered on the whopping 11 million diesel cars worldwide that were designed to artificially suppress nitrogen oxide emissions during tests. However, a leading newspaper has countered Volkswagen’s statements relating to its discovery of false CO2 emissions as a part of cleaning up the earlier scandal which took the world by storm in September.


There was no official comment from Volkswagen spokespersons relating to whether the company had prior knowledge of wrongly stated fuel efficiency. Many months post awareness of excessive fuel consumption, ex-Chief Executive Martin Winterkorn had thought of pulling off the Polo TDI BlueMotion model from the market where discrepancies were particularly high. Volkswagen at the time, had talked of low sales volumes as the chief reasons behind the pull-out of the model. However, the newspaper talks of how the company did not alert owners of this model with regard to 18% higher fuel consumption than officially stated figures.


Volkswagen has again reaffirmed the reasons cited earlier for the withdrawal of this model. According to the company, the Blue Motion TDI Polo has been suspended across all markets owing to substantially lower demand levels. The company is currently testing all its cars that were developed from the year 2012 in relation to CO2 differences from their listed values. Martin Winterkorn resigned as the CEO of Volkswagen in September post the outbreak of the scandal and the company’s admissions.


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