Volvo Trucks Unveils All New Mining Application Trucks with Large Capacities


Volvo Trucks Unveils All New Mining Application Trucks with Large CapacitiesThe company has brought out the FMX 520 10×4 dump truck with a 26.1 Cu.m body and the eagerly awaited FMX 480 10×4 dump truck with a 24 Cu.m body. These have been launched to boost productivity in mining and coal production industries with growing demand.


The launch of these two new large capacity 5 axle dump trucks is a pioneering development for this sector. These will boost several mining applications and were showcased at Excon 2015. Coal production demands have been going up and these trucks will meet the same head on.


The FMX 520 10×4 dump truck should offer higher capacity to the tune of 33% while the FMX 480 10×4 will come with a whopping 28% higher capacity in comparison to the present lineup of 8×4 vehicles in the Indian market according to the company. It is betting on higher capacity to drive greater sales of these two models. Volvo Trucks also unveiled its coal haulage solution with 33 Cu.m bodies which will be the biggest such coal haulage truck in the country along with the FMX 440 8x4I shift, the flagship model for the company.


According to the President, Volvo Group Trucks India, Pierre Jean Verge Salamon, the Indian growth story is one of positivity and optimism particularly with the Government planning to double coal production volumes to 1 billion tonnes by the year 2020. In the next five years, various new opportunities will abound in the coal mining sector according to him and this is where Volvo wishes to present itself as the best solution.


According to the CEO, VE Commercial Vehicles, Vinod Aggarwal, big investments have been made by the company into the entire sales network in addition to customer specific site support, company owned and operated dealerships, service agreements and other value added services for clients. The joint venture between Eicher Motors and Volvo Group has been really successful over a period of seven years owing to positive collaboration and synergistic relationships between both companies.


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