Volvo Cars Announces Path Breaking Association with Microsoft Hololens


This pioneering association will see Microsoft and Volvo working together for changing car shopping through HoloLens, the first holographic and untethered computer in the world.


According to Volvo Cars, it will be collaborating with Microsoft for jointly creating the next generation of technologies for the automobile industry. The first project will be the use of Microsoft HoloLens, the first untethered and holographic computer in the world for redefining first explorations and encounters of customers with cars. This might influence the way vehicles are sold and purchased in the future.


As per a demonstration at Microsoft’s global headquarters at Redmond, USA, mixed reality was deemed possible for future use by customers for configuring cars in three dimensions. According to the Senior Vice President, Marketing, Sales and Service, Volvo Cars, Bjorn Annwall, HoloLens will provide greater freedom to tailor bespoke experiences steered by customers themselves. Mixed reality could be used to choose one’s desired car type, explore rims, colors and understand features, options and services that are available. HoloLens technology could also free up dealers from operating in conventional sales environments and enable them to take out these configurators in shopping malls, stores or even on high streets for creating newer sales channels and introducing vehicles to even bigger audiences.


Future collaborative interests between the two companies will include data utilization from connected cars for creating new areas of services in addition to autonomous driving technologies. The companies may also collaborate on enhancing driving experience through inclusion of information garnered by drivers and their vehicles. Predictive analytics could also be experimented with by both companies for boosting safety.


Volvo Cars has also unveiled its programme named Drive-Me where approximately 100 connected and self-driving vehicles will be offered to customers for taking them out on actual roads in Gothenburg, the beautiful Swedish city. This programme will come into force by 2017 and upon completion, will be the biggest such autonomous driving experiment in the world.


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