France To Not Accept Changes in Renault/Nissan Structure

Emmanuel Macron, the French Economy Minister, has commented that France’s decision of securing double voting rights at Renault won’t result in any change to the structure of its partnership with Japan’s Nissan.

Macron has commented that the lower house parliament of France, the government shall not accept any alterations to the present partnership structure between the two firms. Macron has commented that the government won’t accept any alterations in the present arrangement. Earlier this year, Macron had raised France’s stake in Renault for securing double voting rights. This move was much criticised in Tokyo.

Macron has said that those thinking of this move as a shifting of power in the Renault Nissan partnership are off the point.

Sources from the company had earlier hinted that France offered to curb its voting rights at Renault to end the power struggle with its partner car maker Nissan. However, Carlos Ghosn, their combined CEO was determined for pushing through the changes that would provide the Japanese company more power over the alliance.


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