Approximately 125, 000 Volkswagen Diesel Vehicles Cheated on Emissions According to South Korea

As per the Ministry of Environment in South Korea, its findings have revealed that approximately 125,000 diesel Tiguan cars from Volkswagen rigged emissions and these were sold in the country from 2008 onwards.


According to a ministry director, Hong Dong Gon, the ministry will continue its investigations into 30,000 other Volkswagen diesel vehicles in cases where it did not stumble upon emission cheats. South Korea’s government has launched comprehensive investigations from October post the admission of the German automobile giant pertaining to its rigging of US tests. This rigging would enable diesel vehicles to show lower nitrogen oxide emissions during tests and revert back to higher levels than permissible on roads. Nitrogen oxide is a killer component that contributes towards respiratory illnesses and the build-up of ozone in the atmosphere.


According to Hong, the emissions of the Tiguan diesel car surpassed emissions standards when the car was not used in testing conditions including situations when the car’s speed was increased or the air conditioner was turned on. These findings add a whole new edge to Volkswagen’s emissions controversy that has seen it fall out of grace in the US, Europe and now in South Korea as well. Volkswagen’s admissions of cheating on emissions followed by admissions relating to CO2 and fuel output fudging, have put the brand in a spot globally.


South Korea remains one of Volkswagen’s important markets and the company will be awaiting the results of the thorough investigation being undertaken by the Ministry.


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