City Markets in Hyderabad Flooded With Fake Auto Parks and Branded Bags

The city market of Hyderabad is being flooded with spurious automobiles’ parts, fake luggage, cell phones and memory cards. Unsuspecting customers are falling prey to such products.


Indian automobiles’ giant Mahindra and Mahindra and Samsonite, a US based luggage manufacturer deals have approached the police by lodging two complains for copyright infringement. They have informed the police of fake bags and automobile parts of their respective brands being sold at different outlets in the city.


Raids were conducted by the Dundigal and Medchal police in search of fake automobile parts of Mahindra & Mahindra. Large quantities of auto parts worth a few crores were ceased by the police from some of the shops. Several customers have bought these auto parts unsuspectingly for their SUVs and other models and have been cheated. Samsonite, on the other hand, has aided the Sultan Bazaar police to seize 85 luggage bags after raiding stores. These bags are replicas of foreign brands.


In both cases, sellers were booked under Section 420 of the Indian Penal Code and Copyrights Act. There have been several fake electronic good flooding the market. Delhi has had fakes of iPhones being sold. Customers cannot tell the difference between the fake and original.


However, the company authorities and police are unaware of the location where these fake products are being made.


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