Bike Taxi Concept Creates Stir in Gurgaon

The two wheeler taxi service is soon going to compete with taxi services in India. Bike taxis are quite popular in cities like Sao Paulo, Hanoi, London, Bangkok and even Goa. They will now be available from the Huda City Centre Metro station.


You can now hop onto a bike taxi from the Huda City Centre Metro Station in Gurgaon and get off at your chosen destination for the specified fare. Sounds impossible? From the 1st of December, these two wheeler taxis will be hitting Gurgaon city roads for faster and considerably cheaper public transportation. This will put an end to huge traffic jams and will compete with autos when it comes to overall mobility. This concept is quite popular in Goa and other global cities and the fares in Gurgaon will be very competitive, namely INR 25 for the first three kilometers along with INR 5 per kilometer post the same.


A startup named M-Taxi is launching this innovative service. Trained bikers will be manning the initial ten 100cc bikes with commercial registration numbers and yellow plates. All approvals have been obtained by the company from the Gurgaon traffic police, district transport department and requisite state transport authorities. To be launched initially as a hailing taxi service, an app will soon be launched by the company.


Traveling between 3-10 kilometers is what the company is looking at while target markets would be the bottom of the pyramid population. All bikers will carry extra helmets for pillion riders while there will also be wet tissues and a disposable cap. A special insurance package has been worked out by the company which is slated to cover both bikers and passengers while commuting with the company.


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