Pioneering Green Car Technologies Compete at Los Angeles Auto Show

In a path breaking development for the global auto industry as a whole, multifarious green car technologies were showcased by leading manufacturers like Honda, Toyota and Hyundai at the Los Angeles auto show.

The Los Angeles auto show is a magnet for thousands of car lovers and on the opening day of this iconic event, leading car makers like Honda, Toyota and Hyundai competed for attention with their green car technologies and fuel cell vehicles. There were several hydrogen powered cars showcased in an attempt to lure green technology enthusiasts and prospective buyers. Even Tesla Motors showcased hydrogen powered vehicles in spite of being a market leader in the electric vehicle segment. All three Asian giants named above, showcased fuel cell vehicles which tap hydrogen for creating electricity without giving birth to carbon dioxide.

These new cars will probably witness a limited entry into the California market initially. According to Hyundai, the all new fuel cell Tucson has been leased out to 85 customers already and Toyota has declared how expressions of interest have been received from more than 2, 000 potential customers. Honda’s pioneering Clarity sedan will be made available from late 2016 onwards. Fuel cell technology faces two major roadblocks, i.e. it’s expensive nature and the rarity of hydrogen fueling stations. Right now, the Hyundai Tucson’s lease stands at around $499 per month and is sold just in Southern California which is home to nine hydrogen fueling stations.

The Toyota Mirai can cover 300 miles on a single charge. According to the US general manager for Toyota, there has to be a concerted effort involving both public and private parties to build greater refueling stations. The Californian government currently funds alternative vehicle and fuel projects to the tune of $100 million annually. Tesla has already reaped benefits from governmental loans and sells clean car credits while creating a recharging network at the same time. According to company sources, fuel cell vehicles are dependent on public infrastructure and not electric vehicles. General Motors is also planning a new electric model with 200 mile capacity along with experiments in fuel cell technology. This show holds great significance for the global auto industry as a whole.


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