India-made Hyundai Creta attracts African and Middle Eastern buyers alike

According to sources, Hyundai has already started exports of its India-made Creta compact SUV and 3, 800 units were dispatched to African and Middle Eastern markets last month. Order bookings from these markets stand at a whopping 15, 770 units as of now according to estimates.


Hyundai Motor India has hit the ball out of the park with export demand rising for its popular and stylish compact SUV Creta which is completely made in India. Production of this vehicle has been scaled up rapidly by the South Korean giant to meet huge demand in domestic and international markets alike as per company sources. The production of the compact SUV will be scaled up to 10, 000 units from November onwards as compared to 9, 020 cars built last month. A whopping 15, 770 orders have been received by Hyundai from its African and Middle Eastern markets and 3, 800 cars have been dispatched by the company already.


The vehicle has exceeded 70, 000 bookings and is the highest selling model of the company currently in the country. Creta witnessed sales volumes of 7, 225 units in India last month. The company’s total production capacity currently stands at 6.8 lakh units annually with 98% utilization of its Chennai manufacturing plant. Increases in production volumes of a single model can happen at the expense of other models according to experts and this may be a prevalent situation in times to come.


Hyundai has noted the possibility and is already considering the development of a new manufacturing plant in India. The exports of the company came down overall by 18.4% last month and in the April-October period, they fell cumulatively by 12.66%. Creta, however, has given the company a lot to smile about. The compact SUV comes with three engine variants, namely the 1.6 U2 CRDi VGT, 1.6 Gamma Dual VTVT and the 1.4 U2 CRDi.


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