BMW Shadow Sport i3 unveiled at Los Angeles Motor Show

BMW is expanding its electric vehicle line up with the all new i3 Shadow Sport and this comes with a lithium ion battery.


BMW has unveiled its new limited edition Shadow Sport BMW i3 which comes with a lithium ion battery. This is the sole model to be showcased at the show in Los Angeles this year. Only 50 vehicles are to be manufactured by BMW. The hatchback gets a lovely Fluid Black painted design complete with electric blue accents for the side body panels, nose and grille. The car also possesses 19 inch wheels in the turbine-style. The model also has a sunroof and a suspension system that is sportier than the original.


The 168nhp powertrain from the regular i3 is used here and this can cover approximately between 130-160 kilometres based on electric power alone. Top speeds of 150 kilometres per hour are also possible on this car. This edition will not be made available for the i3 Range Extender (RE) which uses a petrol two cylinder engine for electricity generation while on the move.


BMW has also announced its Optimized Driveline line up pertaining to high power density batteries exclusively for the i3. These new batteries will allow the hatchback to move up to 21o kilometres with full charge in real world driving situations. This translates into around 50 kilometres more than the regular i3’s driving range. The limited edition model will also get updated software for the battery cooling system and electric motor. The upgraded software updates and battery packs will be made available both for the Range Extender model and the completely electric i3. The new battery pack can also be retro-fitted on regular i3s as per company sources. The launch of this limited edition vehicle has created quite a stir amongst car enthusiasts at the LA Motor Show.


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