Audi Set to Spend Millions in Cheating Software Updates

As part of a discussion between Audi AG, CARB and the US EPA, the luxury carmaker has stated that updated software will be installed post approval of authorities.


According to reports, German luxury car giant Audi has estimated expenses to the tune of mid double digit millions of euros for updating engine management software used in its TDI V6 3.0 litre diesel engines. As per a discussion between an Audi delegation and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) along with the California Air Resources Board (CARB), the company has stated that it will wait for approval of its updated software and install the same with alacrity thereafter.


The discussions mainly centered on the violation notice on November 2, 2015 where Audi was told that AECDs or Auxiliary Emission Control Devices were not comprehensively detailed and declared in US type approval applications. This will now be executed with updated software and documents according to the German company. Audi has also stated that three such AECDs were not declared and one of them pertains to temperature conditioning of the exhaust gas cleaning system. The two others are for avoiding deposits on the Ad-Blue metering valve and HC poisoning of the SR catalyst courtesy un-burnt hydrocarbons respectively.


One of these AECDs is a defeat device in accordance to US laws and this relates to software for temperature conditioning of the exhaust gas cleaning system. The company is focusing on coming up with fast and simpler solutions that benefit customers. Voluntary sales halts for the TDI V6 diesel engine affecting Audi, Volkswagen and Porsche has been extended till any further notice as per Volkswagen Group sources. Audi developed this engine and installed it in its models like the A6, A8, A7, Q7 and Q5 from the year 2009 onwards.


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