Toyota States How Its Fuel Cell Vehicle Is Gaining Ground

According to sources, Toyota will be accelerating production plans for selling the Mirai in the United States of America according to statements issued by Bill Fay, the US general manager of the brand. This statement was issued at the National Automobile Dealers Association.

The hydrogen fuel cell vehicles of Toyota are gaining ground according to statements issued by the company and this has been observed in California where approximately 22 of the company’s acclaimed Mirai vehicles have been delivered in the first month of their availability. Toyota is now planning to successfully sell around 30, 000 fuel cell vehicles by the year 2020 from the expected capacity of 2, 000 in 2016. Fuel cell vehicles will be a key part of the company’s strategy going forward and it aims at cutting emissions totally by 2050.

Toyota will be looking at introducing the Mirai or similar vehicles in its other key markets, India included as part of its next five year plan according to company sources. The Mirai is now being sold at 8 dealerships in California and this will be increased to around 40 dealerships soon. More than 2, 000 expressions of interest have been received by the brand for the vehicle. The company will also be looking at creating its own network of hydrogen filling stations soon. The Mirai was launched in Japan and has now been made available both in the United States of America and Europe simultaneously.

The name means future in Japanese and is a sedan that can seat four people. The car can go up to a range of 300 miles as well. Toyota has already pledged approximately $200 million for developing around 100 filling stations over a period of 12 years.


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