Tata Motors Entering The Space of Combat Vehicles In Defence

Tata Motors has recently landed a deal to provide 6X6 multiple axle trucks, 1200 in number to the Indian Army. With this deal, Tata Motors is eyeing a foray into the combat vehicle space. Tata Motors is now contemplating an entry into the combat vehicle space. The company is strategically moving towards a combat vehicle player from being a logistics support provider.

Tata Motors is designing and developing indigenously the Wheeled Armoured Platform in combat vehicles, Indian Armoured Personnel Carrier which has been designed for optimum survivability, increased lethality and terrain performance.

According to Vernon Noronha, the Vice President of Defence and Government Business, the idea is for ensuring fire power, protection to troops during various operations and fire power. Tata Motors has leaded the Tata Groups’ ambitions with the Future Infantry Combat Vehicle program.

Tata Motors is confident enough to bag the Rs 60,000 crore worth deal for building FICVs and is considering setting up new design and manufacturing facility in Dharwad, where it had acquired land already. In the meantime, the company shall deliver their first back of 6X6 high mobility multi axle trucks to Indian army. As per Defence News India report, all the trucks shall be delivered in a period of 2 years. The company had bagged the order worth Rs 900 crores back in July. The trucks shall be used to load, unload and transport ammunition spares, pallets and other kinds of operational equipment.

The 6X6 has been designed for easy operability. Higher ground clearance enables improved negotiation of sand dunes, gradients, trenches, off road terrains with higher mud fording and water capabilities while carrying designated military payloads. The vehicle has also been deemed capable of reaching sustained speed of 40 kmph on tough cross country terrains.


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