Volkswagen states how carbon dioxide cheats impacted more petrol engines

Volkswagen had earlier disclosed on the 3rd of November that it had understated the CO2 emission level in approximately 800, 000 cars sold majorly in Europe. This also led to fuel usage figures being tweaked around unnecessarily.


Volkswagen has manipulated the emission levels of carbon dioxide for more petrol powered vehicles than revealed earlier as per a spokesman for the company. On November 3rd, the car maker had initially stated that it had understated emissions for close to 800, 000 cars and consequent fuel usage. These cars were sold hugely in Europe. The statement issued then talked of how this cheating impacted the 1.4 and 1.2 litre diesel engines more along with nominal impact on the 1.4 litre petrol engine with a cylinder cut-off.


In its statement, Volkswagen revealed how it had come across implausible CO2 emission levels in several present petrol sedans like the 1.2 litre engine Volkswagen Jetta, 1.0 litre Seat Ibiza and the 2.0 litre Volkswagen Passat. Around 24 models possessing petrol engines out of 130 in the entire Volkswagen Group were listed in an attachment with this statement. The spokesperson confirmed how more petrol engines were impacted than disclosed earlier by the emissions issue.


These revelations pertaining to carbon dioxide emissions and fuel economy have furthered the crisis at Volkswagen which is expected to dish out at least 2 billion euros in costs related to all these issues. The initial scandal pertained to software integrated into 11 million diesel vehicles globally to understate actual emissions of nitrogen oxide. Volkswagen has kept 6.7 billion euros aside to cover all vehicle recall costs.


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