Path breaking partnership between Practo and Uber

Practo, the largest healthcare booking entity in Asia and Uber, the leading cab-hailing company across the globe, have inked a global pact to help customers access their doctors more swiftly.


From Monday onwards, users of Practo in Indonesia, India, Singapore and Philippines can view the nearest available Uber post booking appointments on the Practo app. This will be shown when they receive reminders for their appointments. Clicking the reminder notification itself will complete the entire booking procedure. New users booking appointments on Practo will get two free Uber rides up to INR 200 for every ride. This offer stands till the 1st of December. The partnership also has a special offer for India where every new or existing user booking on Practo will the 30th of November stands eligible to get free rides to and from the clinic of the doctor.


According to the founder and CEO of Practo, ND Shashank, there is an added stress related to transportation when it comes to visiting the doctor along with the issues involved in finding parking space, driving through congested city roads and this can be a major problem when a loved one is ill. There are several patients who may not be capable of driving themselves to doctors. This partnership removes all possible anxieties of customers.


According to Amit Jain, Uber India President, the technology integration that this partnership represents is nothing but a common commitment to serve users better across both verticals.


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