Face Lifted Mercedes Benz S-Class to be a reality!

According to reports, a face lifted S Class Mercedes Benz will soon be unveiled by the German luxury giant. This version will receive carefully crafted design revisions at both the interiors and exteriors. This can possibly be launched in 2017.


The Mercedes Benz S-Class had its global launch in 2013 and the company has already started testing the initial versions of its face lifted version of this luxury vehicle. The indications point towards a mid-cycle face lift. The initial test mules seem almost identical to the present generation of the vehicle while the headlamp units are the only differentiators. For the test mule, the headlamps receive top class detailing coupled with three LED strips running along the upper edge which is different from the single strip format in the present model.


One of the prominent light clusters has been swapped for a vertical LED trio. The new model should also come with the pioneering Matrix LED technology as per industry experts. There will be many other changes to the exteriors in future test vehicles including a new grille and tweaked bumpers. The interiors should witness a change in the steering which should be a three spoke unit while the instrument cluster display will soon be a one piece unit instead of the twin display used presently. The infotainment software should be revised along with newer options and trim inserts made available to customers.


This luxury behemoth from Mercedes Benz should keep its present engines but there should be tweaks for bringing down emissions and scaling up overall performance and efficiency. The face lifted S Class has garnered huge interest from luxury automobile connoisseurs in India and should be available on roads in 2017 as per estimates. It is currently in the early testing phase as per sources.


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